About ArmorSide

ArmorSide is a land vehicle-exclusive format that pits two teams against each other to determine who has the dominant armor team. Rules are still a work in progress. Matches:


Current, as of 25 Jan 2015.
  1. Two teams of 24 players each.
  2. Matches are 20 minutes, game is a best of 3 matches.
  3. Teams swap sides of the field for each match
  4. The team that wins the opening coin toss choses which side of the field to start on.
  5. No vehicles other than these 15 may be pulled, and no replacement vehicles may be spawned during the match.
  6. Vehicles may be equipped with whatever weapons and utilities the team chooses.
  7. All vehicle terminals and base turrets will be destroyed in the play area.
  8. Play is restricted to the hexes shown on the map. The hexes will be flipped to the ownership of the neutral faction so players can easily identify the playing field.
  9. Players may only spawn as Engineer, Medic, or Infiltrator.
  10. Light Assault, Heavy, and MAX classes are prohibited.
  11. Engineer AV turrets are not allowed.
  12. Mines and C4 are allowed (**We want to try this out, but we will be watching closely for balance)
  13. Implants are allowed.
  14. Spawn beacons are allowed.
  15. Each side will have a neutral 3rd party sunderer deployed at the specified location on the map.
  16. These “goal sunderers” will be equipped with max rank deploy shield and will have a referee inside to prevent the vehicle from despawning.
  17. The first team to destroy the other teams goal sunderer is the winner.
  18. All vehicles must start the match behind their friendly goal sunderer in relation to the rest of the field.
  19. Each team informs the organizers before the match of the primary and secondary choice of faction they wish to play. If both teams choose the same faction, a coin flip will determine which team will play as that faction for the first round. The teams will then swap factions for the second round. If a third tiebreaking round is required, faction choice will be determined by another coin flip.
  20. If 20 minutes pass and no Sunderer is destroyed, the match is a tie.
  21. Each team starts every match with a specific roster of 15 vehicles.
  • 2 – Flashes
  • 3 – Harassers
  • 4 – Lightnings
  • 4 – Main Battle Tanks
  • 2 – Sunderers


The ArmorSide Team

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